Friday, April 29, 2011

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Good Morning! Anyone else still have watery eyes from watching the Royal Wedding? I can't quite decide if I get choked up because I love weddings and romance or if because when I got married I didn't inherit millions of dollars worth of jewels and an entire kingdom. 

Yesterday I made a quick and easy dinner...yet it is one of my favorites. This meal packs a punch with veggies and protein! 

Stuffed Peppers!

I stuffed mine with precooked quinoa, carrots, spinach, tofu, the tops of the peppers, Wildtree's Fajita Blend, and I also usually add black beans....but were out! I also topped it them with my favorite nutritional yeast sauce (veganaise, nutritional yeast and water)'s pretty basic but it's so delicious! Then bake them at 375 for about 20 easy! 

Stuffed peppers make the ugliest photos! 

We had yet another snowstorm last night, so it will be another day trainer! I also have a meeting with a few other Direct Sales Reps about starting a Networking Group! 

Something to try......This Tone it up workout made my buns burns!!


  1. Hey Chelsea!
    I love reading your blog! Thinking about you and hope you are doing well. :)
    Heather Burnett

  2. Love stuffed peppers and will definitely keep this recipe! Maybe it doesn't photograph well but it looks so creative when you serve it!

  3. Stuffed Peppers are so good! I'll have to try this recipe :)

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