Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stinky Feet

Today while I was working my butt off getting ready for the Women's Expo on Saturday, my assistant was busy sunbathing on the bed. 

I think he needs a good talking too. 

Around ten I left for a run, and it was so windy. I had to run towards Justin's work to pick up the car, so I ran to Peets Hill to run some trails then to head to the shop. By doing so, I had to run directly into the wind. It really slowed my speed. I wore arm warmers to start out since it was 30 degrees. While I was running along I tried to pull one up and I accidentally punched myself in the face. Did hurt? Yes. Did bruise? No. Does my ego hurt? Big Time. Sometimes I find myself in the lamest situations. Despite the wind I got in 6 miles of road and trails mix. Some of the trail were so steep that it hurt my diaphragm.

When I got home I had a package! I was so excited. My girlfriend Kristina sent me a care package from . She knows me so well. When ever i run out of face soap I will wash my face with whatever....and I mean whatever (dish soap, lever 2000, laundry soap) until I absolutely have to buy face wash. Somehow she must of known that I have been using Lever 2000 for about week. 

She sent me some Neutrogena, lip balm and ballet flats. 

The lip balm is super cool. It's EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere in Summer Fruit.  I am totally loving it, especially since lately the only makeup I wear is chap stick. 

The other thing she sent came in perfect timing! They are Cityslips foldable Snakeskin Ballet Flats. You see, Justin has banned my house slippers from the house he thinks they smell really bad. This may be true. So currently my house slippers live at the bottom of the dumpster, but now I have these! They are indoor/outdoor, cute and comfy. 


They also came with this bag...and low and behold this bag becomes....

another bag! 

Pretty cool I think. offers all sorts of personal care, hair care, bath and body, skin care...etc. Funny enough, they are attached to Funny, because Kristina has a wee one. Here's a picture I took of her wee one, Alaina, back in October.

I also signed up for a 5k on Sunday. It's part of the Gallatin Valley's Earth Celebration. Plus it was only $15 and you get a shirt. I'll do anything for a shirt.....ask my husband, event shirts are I wear. It's the Run For The Earth 5k or 10k. I went for the 5k since I haven't been training, and it's really just for the shirt. It goes off at 9:30 am, which is perfect running time for me. It's suppose to top out at 55 on Sunday, which means 30's for running. I am the hottest (temperature wise) person I know and 30's make me hot and sweaty. As a matter a fact, the nights get below 20 here and I sleep with the window open. My poor husband. 

Tomorrow is snow, snow and more snow so I'll probably hit up the bike trainer and weights. I also still have TONS to do to get ready for the Expo. Have a great night!


  1. Your dog is TOO cute! I do the same thing with my face Whatever is around! Luckily my boyfriend's brother works for Glamour and sends me free samples =D

  2. I'm terrible about washing my face. Luckily though, my hubs ALWAYS has his in stock at home so I just steal him when I run out. Good luck on the 5K on Sunday :)


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