Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grapeseed Oil

Before I get to the good stuff. Let me just say how beautiful it is to sit here and watch the snow fall on April 3rd. Wow, what a blessing to get to experience winter for the last 6 months...and maybe even 2 or more months. Once again, not is beautiful here, and the gym was nice and slow today. Even though it was dumping snow, Justin still decided to go out and hit the trails on his mountain occurred to me, maybe I should have to since once it warms up the danger of bears on he trails increase (oh, and um moose....the local folk say moose are a bit of a problem! 

Today I would like to share the importance of Grapeseed Oil. Wildtree's Grapeseed Oil is great for dressings and dipping, but it is absolutely unbeatable for sauteing or frying because it can be heated to a higher temperature than other oils without burning. Also, the oil itself has some terrific health benefits. Grapeseed Oil is low in saturated fat, even lower than olive oil. It's high in antioxidants, like Vitamin E. It has no cholesterol, and there are supporting studies that show it helps raise HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol). You may know that olive oil is more heart healthy than other oils, but Grapeseed Oil is even better! Grapeseed Oil is expeller pressed, which means no solvents or gases were used during the extraction process, which is better for you and your cooking! Grapeseed Oil is also a green initiative since it is a by product of wine making. Bellow I have attached some more information about Grapeseed Oil and all its benefits!

Also please click over to the catalog to see all the other great choices Wildtree has to offer! Or, if you have any questions please feel free to email me cjraynes <@>!!

Tomorrow I have a great dessert recipe to a matter a fact I can hear that dessert calling to me now!! Have a great Sunday night all! 

Questions for you:

1. If I did a Wildtree giveaway would anyone be interested?

2. Is anyone else ready for spring...or maybe even summer?
I sure am, but than I would have to start buying razors again!


  1. 1. YES, I'd be interested in winning. :-)

    2. It's pretty much Spring weather here already. And speaking of razors.. mine hasn't seen my legs in probably.. 3 weeks. OHH BOY.

  2. 1. Are family members exempt from entering your contest???
    2. If my favorite tanning salon (which is moving) would be open soon so I could ditch my "winter white" look, I would be thrilled for spring! And I too sadly would need a new razor!


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