It came to my realization the other day as I was running, that I was nearing 30. Although at that very moment I couldn't remember exactly how old I was turning, was it 25 or 26?? It actually stopped me in my tracks when I realized it was 26. I know that isn't very old, but it made me realize all the grand plans I had for myself and only few has panned out. Don't get me wrong, i have accomplished a lot in my short 25.5 years, but I also want much more out of life. In 4 years, 6 months and 18 days I will turn 30. That my friends is a pretty big milestone, and I intend on reaching it with a few more goals under my belt. I am going to start a list of goals with the intent on reaching them before I turn 30. I think 30 is a great age to start a family, and though it may happen before I reach 30, my goal is to start at 30.

1. Visit Yellowstone National Park, I currently live 90 minutes from here...so it's gonna happen, soon!

2. Visit Glacier National Park, 6 hour drive...maybe for our anniversary?? 

3. Run a marathon in under 5 hours, and then run one under 4

4. Run the Bridger Ridge Run "6,800 feet of steep climbs, 9,500 feet of technical, rocky descents, 300 participants, wretched weather, a 25-year tradition, mud, blood, tears, and exhausted grimaces of pain and elation? The rite-of-passage to Bozeman citizenship." 

5. Travel to Alaska

6. Travel to Hawaii

7. Become a Team Leader with Wildtree, hopefully by the end of this year

8. Have my own Party Planning Business...starting now! 

9. Become a Food Buzz Featured Publisher

10. Get to my happy weight, although it may not be the 100 lbs I was a few years ago, it surely isn't the weight I am at now...I know I have been working on this, but I have to get past my binge eating and depression first

11. Learn to be happy with myself and accept me for who I am

12. Read about other religions

13. Read the Bible in a year and journal about it

14. See the Tour de France, in person

15. Learn to speak French, I took French for 2 years in high school and I remember a smidge, I want to know more

16. Buy a home

17. Adopt a cat.....soon, I hope

18. Go 6 months with only buying clothes at the thrift store, consignment store or garage sales. Not including sports wear, under ware, bathing suits and bras.

19. Read a book a month...or more!

20. Watch less tv.......um, I will have to figure out when to start this

21. Do a deep study of Revelations

22. Learn to live on less and with less, to be more simple

23. Eat a clean diet

24. Make my own Ice Cream

25. Master making pie

26. Write letters to my friends and family

27. Be better about sending/making cards, Mother's Day = failure! 

28. Crochet or knit a blanket

29. Sew a dress with a sewing machine

30. Learn to sew on a machine...sidenote: buy a sewing machine

31. Go cross country skiing

32. Drive to Seattle and drink coffee

33. Donate blood....... don't laugh family, I need to do this to get over my irrational fear of blood

34. Volunteer at the hospital

35. Create an indoor (legal) herb garden

36. Get up early and make Justin a special breakfast, encourage Justin to wake up early and make me a special breakfast

37. Walk 100 miles in month

38. Don't use the car for 1 week

39. Forgive all who transgress against me

40. Raise money for a charity

41. Play a really good prank on Justin

42. Visit Zion National Park, see the arches

43. Get a Bachelors Degree...I'm close, yet so far since I can't decide on what degree to pursue...sad really

44. Write a book, I have been working on several fiction books in my head for years now, it's time to ink them now *note* I didn't say get it published

45. Compete in a triathlon, I've done a duathlon, I've trained for a tri, never competed.....it's time

46. Watch the Special Olympics

47. Run 26 miles on my 26 birthday

48. Find the perfect shade of lipstick for me

49. See the Ellen Show, no explanation needed

50. Run a race in another state besides Montana, I have competed in Mountain Bike races all over this country, it's time I run them too

51. Get my skin checked by a dermatologist for irregularities

52. Try and be more organized

53. Photograph a moose, grizzly bear and buffalo

54. See my family in California

55. Convince my Virginia family (and Justin's) to move to Montana, it's beautiful here and were here so why not??

56. Start a jewelry collection that one day someone would want to inherit, it doesn't have to be diamonds, but fun things that tell a story

57. Only wear Chanel no. 5 to bed one night...just like Marilyn ;)

58. Sing karaoke

59. Join a club

60. Join a relay for life team

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