Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy Weekend!

Good evening! Can you believe its already Sunday?!? The weekend went so fast. 

On Saturday night after Justin got off from work we headed up to Bridger Bowl ski area, which is about 15 miles from us. The ski area closed on April 12th, therefore no lifts are operating,  but you can still hike up the mountain and ski down.   The base lodge sits at 6100 feet and the top of the ski area is at 8700 feet. So it is 2600 vertical feet straight up. We hiked all 2600 Vertical feet plus some and snowboarded down and it we had such blast watching the sun set and the snow move in. 

When Sunday morning rolled around and it was snowing buckets, ruining our chance at a bike ride we decided to head up to Bridger Bowl again...this time with the camera in tow! 

It is an extremely challenging hike. There is still 90-125 inches on the mountain and since it has been closed for a few weeks the runs are not groomed and the fresh powder hasn't been packed down any. It's a dream for snowboarding, but not for hiking. Every step my foot would step so deep into the snow it would be up to my knee. It was 33 degrees on the mountain today and I wore a short sleeved shirt while hiking and was soaking wet with sweat. 

Once we got up to the top Justin found a neat little jump so I snapped some pictures of him going off of it. I was not brave enough to try it. 

Face plant into fresh powder! 

Ridley thoroughly enjoyed our day! There were tons of other dogs and people who were enjoying what is hopefully the last of the spring snow (hoping, praying, begging!!). 

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Whenever I look out onto the mountains the first thing that comes to mind is "purple mountains majesty"...this drives Justin crazy since I tend to sing the entire song!

Can you see me?!?! Only picture of me the entire day! 

We really enjoyed our days spent on the mountain! Even though it's May 1st and there is still tons of snow, we are finding ways to still get outside and have fun! We are sore, tired, sunburned and hungry! 

I hope everyones weekend was a blast! 

Tomorrow is going to be 65 and sunny!!

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  1. What a fun weekend! The snow looks like fun but hopefully you'll get some warm spring weather (it is May, right?) soon!


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