My name is Chelsea and I am a Wildtree Independent Representative living in Bozeman, Montana. My husband Justin and I just moved away from all our family and friends in Williamsburg, VA to start a new journey in life. Now it's just the two of us and our furry son Ridley setting foot in A New Frontier! 

Healthy living is a huge part of our lives. Justin and I have both been competitive Mountain Bikers that traveled all around the USA to compete. Justin made the upgrade to "Professional" in the summer of 2008, shortly before we married. We have raced in California, Arizona, Tennessee, Virginia, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, New Jersey, West Virginia, New York, Vermont, Maryland and Texas. Mountain Biking has taken us all over the USA and we have been very fortunate.

At the end of 2008 I took a huge step out of mountain biking to focus on other things in life. The year we married we raced over 25 races in 15 states and I planned a wedding for 250+ guests. I was over worked and needed a break. A break is exactly what I got in January of 2009 when I broke my heel bone while training for a duathlon and competing in that duathlon with a stress fracture. I spent months in a boot since I refused the cast and refused the rest. In July of 2009 I started experiencing stomach pain that lasted for months. In March of 2010 during an exciting colonoscopy they found cancerous polyps in my colon. It was a tough year. In June of 2010, Justin was hospitalized with MRSA which put his racing career in jeopardy. Justin had a challenging time gaining back his strength and finishing his season. 

So here we are, starting a new life in a new town. Bozeman is very fashion forward when it comes to health. Everyone in the town commutes by walking or bike riding. There are food co-ops, farmers markets and every restaurant in town uses local and organic foods. 

We enjoy foods immensely, and strive to live as healthy as possible. By selling Wildtree I have the experience to work with foods that are free of MSG, HFCS, additives, preservatives, food dyes and peanuts.

Currently we enjoy exploring Bozeman by bike, hiking in the mountains, hanging with Ridley, running, weight training and eating our way around this new town! 


For me, more recently.....I have packed on a few LB's...if you know what I mean...... I am currently trying to work them back off. You can read more about that here

About Wildtree:

Wildtree offers the highest quality herbs, spices and culinary blends that are free of preservatives, additives, fillers and promote a healthier lifestyle.  We believe in the value of making cooking a quicker, easier, more healthful project for those who are short on time, and a fun, interesting adventure for those who wish to be more creative in the kitchen.  We offer our representatives the opportunity to earn unlimited income and have a home based business that allows them to live the American Dream. 

Also, if you are interested in learning more about Wildtree, or you want to know all the great benefits of becoming a rep please contact me cjraynes <@> gmail.com 

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My name is Chelsea and I am 25 (nearly 26 year old) housewife/Wildtree Independent Direct Sales Rep. This blog follows my hubby and I as we set up a new home in Bozeman, MT where we don't know a soul, healthy living, exercise, food (usually Wildtree) and life with the worlds most stubborn chocolate lab. I love sweets and veggies and I am constantly learning how to balance the two!

Our Son Ridley

Our Son Ridley

My Wildtree Shop

I am a direct sales rep for a fabulous company called Wildtree! Wildtree sells a natural food products as wells as grapeseed oils. Every Wildtree product is natural, containing no additives, MSG or food dyes. For more information please email me cjraynes (at) gmail.com!


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