Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Months!!

Can you believe that it is already May 2nd! We are almost 1/2 way through 2011.....

Justin and I (and the Rids) have now officially been Montana residents for two months. It hasn't been the easiest with the never ending winter and being away from family and friends, but we have made it this far. Montana is truly breath taking. We have the best view of the big sky, the majestic mountains, tons of wildlife and the local beer. We also have zero Starbucks, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Bruster's Ice Cream and that has become something I love about it! People in Bozeman, Montana truly believe in supporting local shops, restaurants and small business owners. The town is small enough to bike everywhere and yet big enough to have more than one medical marijuana store. While stores like Target, Wal Mart and even Michael's exist in town, they remain mildly more vacant than the locally owned stores like the Co-op, the local butcher shop, downtown thrift stores and chocolate shop! I almost feel as though Bozeman, MT is completely separated from the rest of common America yet with a small town patriotic feel. I will say, that although I love the mountains and all the beauty of the big sky, I would really like spring to arrive! 

I have tons of craziness going on this week! While I was working my Wildtree booth at the Expo a few weeks ago I met a lady who was very interested in my products. She called me this past week and asked me to cater her daughter's college graduation with all Wildtree products....this coming Saturday! It is going to be a rather large event (85 people), but I have all week to prepare! I will be sharing my catering journey alot this week! I am going to be using all my own party supplies and serving dishes, plus setting up the party as well! I am excited and nervous...and could really use my mommy. 

I also am attending a New Comer's Luncheon on Thursday morning, so I can meet some people and talk about my Wildtree business!

And...tomorrow I have a job interview for a part time position at a preschool! Since I am still building my business our household income could use a minor boost! I can also meet lots of people to share Wildtree with! 

I also have a few posts planned for the week involving food of course! I have the New Wildtree Spring 2011 products being rushed to my house as we speak! I can't wait to share. I also want to continue my weight loss journey and keep you all up to date! 

Since it is a nice balmy 60 degrees today and sunny a bicycle ride is definitely in order! I hope your Monday is a beautiful as mine! 


  1. How exciting!! Good Luck :)

  2. What a great business! As a dietitian, i love to see companies carrying all natural, good for youproducts!

  3. I lived in Kalispell, MT for ten years (from age 8 to 19) and I had to say hi! I know how you feel about the snow and the cold- I was never a snow lover. Just wait until summer though, it gets very warm and gorgeous and their lakes and mountains provide many fun activities for you and your husband to enjoy. I recommend going hiking and huckleberry picking! :)


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