Friday, May 6, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday (on Friday)

Good Friday Afternoon!! I hope everyone is ready for the weekend!

Since I am super busy preparing for tomorrows graduation party I am catering, I have decided to default to Hungry Runner's Triple Tangent Days where she shares a few weird/unknown facts about her.....only on my blog, they will be about me.

But first pictures of the decor for the graduation party!


1. I am obsessed with clean ears...I think its from my sister. If I sit next Justin I look into his ears and stare at them if they are dirty. I also remind him where we keep the q-tips. This also goes for my Ridley. I clean his ears everyday, and it has gotten so out of hand that if I come near him he shakes with fear that I might have a damp washcloth. I also love ear candling...again, that's from my sister. If you have never done this you are truly missing out on the most grotesque yet most awesome thing ever.

2. Justin and I have been to Interbike (a huge bicycle trade show) in Las Vegas 5 times. It was also our honeymoon and 1st year anniversary trip. I actually set my wedding date around Interbike. When you go, you spend Monday and Tuesday in the dessert riding all the bikes coming out for the upcoming year. The majority of all bike companies are there, and the bikes you can ride are unlimited. I mean you can actually ride a $9,000 mountain bike. I do believe however, that I am still in need of a tropical vacation for a "honeymoon"....I'm still waiting. 

3. I have a ton of medals from racing...I have no idea what to do with the photos below are just my medals, imagine how many more Justin has.....maybe we should sell the medal for money. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be posting pictures from the party as soon as I recover. 

We are forecasted to have 70 degree weather at the end of next week! CRAZY! 

Tell me 3 crazy/interesting/weird tangents about you!!! 


  1. Look at all those medals, how awesome!
    I'm like you with ears...except with eyes. If you don't wipe the sleep from your eyes in the morning, I'll do it for you. I do it to my younger siblings and they hate it but they don't even fight it any more. (Well, ok, maybe my 18 year old brother!)

  2. I've ALWAYS wanted to get my ears candled. Where the heck do you go to get it done? I have the same ear obsession. I thought I was the only one...

    I think you can donate medals to the special olympics or organizations like that and they'll reuse them. Other than that, I have no idea.


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