Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wildtree Catering

Good Wednesday Morning All! First off, thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway yesterday over at Skinny Runner! Also, a special thanks to Sarah from Skinny Runner for doing the giveaway. 

Earlier this week I revealed that I would be catering a college graduation this weekend with all Wildtree products. I am super excited yet nervous since it's for 80+ people. The good thing is it's lighter finger foods rather than a full meal! Although if anyone can fly out and help would be greatly appreciated, or please be sure to leave any advice or past experiences you have had. Today I want to share the menu I will be serving for Saturday! 

Creamy Ranch Dressing and Dip served with a Veggie Crudites 
Very Berry Cheesecake Blend with Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Scampi Blend with Jumbo Shrimp Dip with Whole Grain Crackers

Wicked Good Slow Cooker Sauce Pork Mini Sliders with Pineapple
Pound Cake Cupcakes with Raspberry Vanilla Butter cream Frosting

Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Trifle....which is

Since the college grad is a horticulturist major I'll be using my flowery girly serving ware and decorating similarly to other parties I have thrown. 

I like to label each food item, because people often ask for food allergy reasons or because they are unsure to try new things. I always give each item a fun name to sound appealing to picky eaters!

Slightly blurry, but above shows mini bbq sliders. Trifle.....literally awesome! Quick recipe:
Bake Brownies (preferably Wildtree) crumble into pieces once cool. Layer brownies, Cool Whip (or homemade whip), mousse, Carmel and crushed Heath Bars. Continue to layer till you reach the top! Drizzle the top with Carmel and crushed Heath Bars! If you're like my husband, you'll enjoy your scoop of trifle in a partially empty jar of Nutella. 

I am still working on Cupcake toppers....a good idea hasn't hit me yet.....and yes I know I only have a few days. 

I believe that food presentation is very important, so as a non-attending party go-er, one of my many tasks will be to spruce and freshen the foods through out the party. Since it's an open house lasting over 3 hours I also have to be careful with items with cream cheese and milk. Luckily, it's Montana and it's still May. 

Veggie crudites with dip!

Another great thing to add if children are attending a party is fun little sandwiches, like pb&j or turkey. 

Since this is my first big catering event I would love any advice out there! Although Wildtree is my main business, I wouldn't mind picking up a few other parties if possible. So please share your experiences and give me your advice. 

I have a million things to do today, including party planning, baking treats for Justin's work, as well as squeezing in a workout...somehow! I also have a luncheon to attend tomorrow as well as grocery shopping for Saturday.....BUSY!! Wish me luck! 

***Also, be sure to swing by my Wildtree Facebook page! When I get 75 people I will do a giveaway with the New Spring 2011 Products!! 

And, if you are interested in ordering any of the products mentioned above, or any other Wildtree Products check out my Wildtree Site or email me cjraynes (@)! 

Have a great Wednesday! 

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  1. this all literally looks amazing! i'm drooling


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