Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend Disappearing Act

Good Morning All!! I know I pulled yet another weekend disappearing act, but we kept so busy! After my great experience at Lewis and Clark on Saturday we headed back there on Sunday on Monday as well!

 When we went on Sunday I decided to hike with Ridley instead of mountain biking with Justin. We hiked almost 6 miles, alone...without bear spray, sorry mom! 

Ridley and I really enjoyed our hike, he even met his first cactus.

The Wildflowers were starting to grow like crazy...it's absolutely wonderful! 

I did pack my pocket knife, you know to save myself in the event of a bear or mountain lion attack. 

The views were amazing, the weather was perfect and the sun was shinning bright! Montana is finally feeling spring like with a wonderful mountain breeze. 

There were tons of families camping, but Ridley and I came across zero other hikers and only came across Justin once the entire time. Being alone really allows your imagination to go wild. 

There was a few times I thought I heard a bear, although I'm not exactly sure what sound a bear would make, I still thought I heard one. I still have huge strides to make to become a real Montana girl. 

On Monday Justin and I went back and we both mountain biked the trails, and I had a mild breakdown with the loss of my fitness and weight gain. However, after our ride.......I ate my worries away...

Today I will be preparing my very first full chicken all by myself.....wish me luck!!! :)

Also, after 3 months of looking I finally found a job! I'll be working as a teacher aide at a preschool down the street from our house! I'm so excited!! I'll still have plenty of time to grow Wildtree and reach all my goals! I'll be starting sometime next week. 


  1. Congrats on the new job!!!

    Your hike looks beautiful! Hiking with a pup is the best! We took our dog for her first real hike a couple weeks ago and can't wait to go back. So much fun!

  2. That cinnamon roll looks good! I'm so glad the weather is warming up and it's nice enough to be outside again!! Your hike looked fun!!

  3. what beautiful views! looks like you had a great time. congrats on the job too! i love it when good things happen. :)

  4. Excuse me, exactly how much does Bear Repellant cost? I will send the money ASAP. I do like your blog's new look...however as your mama, I would like to see more of you! I really liked the wedding "kiss" picture from the other blog. (sorry). The chicken dinner looks yummy and now I am really hungry for some of those darn biscuits.


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Our Son Ridley

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