Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet Pineapple Chicken Salad

Good Afternoon! So all my plans for the have changed! As I was heading out the door to see the Special Olympics Ridley gave me a terribly sad look that tugged my heart strings. So instead we booth headed out for a hike and to swing by the library. Our library is the ending point for a trail that runs all through town, so disobedient Ridley and I hiked it for a while before I stopped into the library. The area around the library so so awesome, there are sculptures from local artists all over the place. Luckily I packed my camera......

But lunch!!! I make a chicken salad with Wildtree's new Savory and Sweet Pineapple Sauce, greek yogurt, Tzatziki Seasoning, cilantro, green onions and chicken! 

I also included romaine, cukes and carrots! I love carrots, sometimes I forget that. 

And of course, a piece of last nights corn bread (or 2) for the side.......delicious!! I was really happy until Justin texted me a picture of a piece of carrot cake......plain 'ol carrots who??? Now I need to make a carrot cake. 

Today really is an awesome improvement on our spring. The trails were busy, people were picnicking and the cool mountain breeze was just lovely! 

Ridley started out unleashed, but his behavior was out of control and ended up back on the leash. 

A 5k??? Maybe? Especially if I can wear an afro wig.

All the trail intersections are labeled, which is super nice for those of us who are new to town. 

Everything is really starting to turn green here! It makes me so excited! 

Gorgeous scenery!

Now, onto the library artwork.......

This bench is a sun sit bench. It soaks up the sun and stays really warm.....I wanted to try and catch a tan, but Ridley doesn't like sitting around.

Someone left their children on the benches so long they turned to stone....

So cool........

My plans to ride with Justin this evening were foiled as well, he has to run the Women's Bicycle Clinic at work tonight till I'll be heading out soon......! 


Also, I added a goals page! Check it out! 

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  1. When we move to Seattle (fingers and toes crossed) we can get that cup of coffee.


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