Thursday, May 19, 2011

BBQ Chicken and Slaw

Good Morning my dear blog friends and family! I know that I have disappeared off the internet for a few days. I haven't done much commenting on your blogs, and I haven't done much posting on mine. You know those times where you slip into a bit of a slump, well I'm in a little slump. I relate it directly to missing my family and friends back in Virginia (hi guys!). I feel much better today, and I really can not wait to start my new job on Monday!

Last night after Justin got out of work we headed over to the University's soccer field to kick the ball around for a while. Let just say that I hurt everywhere today. From all the sprinting, kicking and falling (yes falling) I forgot just how much soccer can kick your butt. Literally all the tendons in my feet hurt and my groin muscle. Last night I learned that I actually kick alot better with my left foot, and all along I have been using my right. I also play pool better as a lefty and when I snowboard I have a goofy foot. When bike riding I also use my left as a brace, when I clip out at a light I can only do my left foot.

After a fun time of playing soccer and of course me giving up and begging to leave, we came and made a pretty quick and easy meal. The night before I had roasted an entire chicken (which lasted 2 dinners and 2 of Justin's!!), I actually wrote an entire post about it yesterday, but due to my avoiding tendencies I didn't post it. I had Justin strip the chicken for shredded meat, while i made biscuits and slaw.

I used this recipe for biscuits from The Runny Egg, only I used Wildtree's Creamy Ranch. I made them a little small, but they were awesome! Fluffy on the inside and flaky on the outside.

I also used a Dash Recipe for the coleslaw, although I made a few changes which I noted.


Liven up your summer barbecues with this fresh, simple side.
½ head green cabbage, thinly sliced
½ head red cabbage, thinly sliced
1 carrot, shredded ***I didn't use carrot, instead I used a red onion
¼ cup plain yogurt ***I used non-fat Greek yogurt 
¼ cup mayonnaise
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1. Combine vegetables in a large bowl.

2. Combine yogurt, mayo, and mustard in a small bowl. Toss with cabbage. Chill ½ hour. Add salt and pepper.

For the BBQ chicken I used a new product from our new Spring 2011 line, the Cactus Pete's Agave BBQ Sauce. 

Dinner was ready in about 30 minutes and we sat down in just enough time to catch Modern Family, even though my mom had already talked me through the entire episode it was hilarious! Dinner was spectacular and made me feel like we were in the South again. 

Between now and Monday I only have four days left of my 3 month vacation. So I want to get super organized around the house and do some deep cleaning, plus I need to get in some exercise and self love time...more on that latter! 

By the do you like my new blog design??? Check out Jenn at Munchkin Land Designs, she did a fabulous job and did it in a timely manner too!! If you are in the need for a makeover I really recommend her!


  1. YUM, that looks delicious =) I need some good ideas for meals. I have done hardly any cooking that is actually worth eating lately. Blah!

  2. The new design is cute :)

  3. i'm looking forward to summer potlucks with lotsa crunchy slaws!

  4. Yum, that slaw looks awesome! I'm so excited that I found your blog because I live in NYC but my favorite state is Montana:) I went camping for a summer in Libby and it totally changed my life.

  5. Yeah! i agree with Ada, slaw looks awesome.


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