Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Dreaded LB's.........

Good Morning to all! Today I am dragging thanks to a large explosion and flash in the early morning hours. I was convinced there was a dead body right outside my window and that a man with a gun was going to break into out home at any minute because he caught me peaking out the window. I really have to stop watching shows like NCIS, CSI, SVU and Castle right before bed. What made matters worse, was that Justin and Ridley were able to go right back asleep. That left only one person to be the look out....Me! Thankfully I had relocated my pocket knife yesterday afternoon and I also recently brushed up on my Kempo X (as in P90X) skills just a few weeks ago. Two cups of a coffee later I am still hurting. Justin tried to tell me that a  gun would not have made a flash, whatever.....I have proof otherwise....

I took this picture with my own camera, and I can clearly see a flash. Maybe even a mini explosion. 

So.....onto the dreaded subject that I have been putting off for some time now. My extra lb's....... Obviously since the year of my wedding (2008), when I was competitively racing mountain bikes all over the country like every weekend, I have packed on a few pounds. You see after 2008 I was wore out from all that racing, I decided to focus on running for a while, which lead to an injury. In January of 2009 I suffered a stress fracture in my heel bone they left me casted for months, in July of 2009 I started suffering from really bad stomach pains that lead to March of 2010 a colonoscopy found several pre cancerous polyps. After that the thought of spending hours of training everyday to prove nothing to no one seemed ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I loved racing and I love love love my bikes. I also however saw that my relationships suffered, my body always hurt and I was so concerned about getting a ride in everyday that nothing else mattered. In the past year Justin and I have dealt with pneumonia and walking pneumonia, MRSA that nearly took Justin's life and kept him in the hospital for a week, Justin's seizures, pre cancerous polyps, a move across country away from everyone we know, money issues, dying dreams and me going back to school and leaving my full time job. So yeah, I gained a few pounds. Well, more than a few, but who wouldn't have with all that going on?  I'm not really suppose to be consuming gluten.....but I don't like to talk about that.....however, Justin hates having me around after I have. My tummy is always so distended and painful. I think it's finally time for a change. Of course, I have always worked out since I love it, that really isn't the problem. Your body is only 10% exercise. I always get my veggies and fruit. I do however really need to cut back on my sweets intake. While I was racing I could eat anything and everything and never gain a pound. Giant bowls of cookie dough ice cream with chocolate syrup in a waffle cone bowl and rainbow sprinkles was often my dinner. Things have changed since then, plus I am a little older. 

So where am I going with this? Well I have given myself a goal....and this time I would like to reach it. I want to lose some lbs. This would put me back into all the jeans I have been hanging onto, and maybe then I will feel comfortable again in my own body. I haven't given myself any type of time limit, but of course by summer time would be great (and remember summer in Montana isn't till July). I also am  going to cut out gluten to the best extent I can (sometimes I am such a rebel), and limit my sugar intake. I need to up my protein a bit since I am a carb over eater. I will continue my workouts, and add intensity plus heavier weights. I will also try and use the blog to chronicle my journey, and keep me honest. My blog however will not turn into a weight loss blog. I hope everyone can cheer me on, I know there are some people who don't want me to get back to the place I once was at (think end of 2007), don't worry folks I don't have the strength to stay away from food that much. I also don't think I will "train" for anything specific since it is challenging to actually lose weight while training since fuel is so imperative. I may take before pictures, but mainly I am going to do measurements. I will also more than likely not share my actual weight or weight loss, just because it is personal. 

This morning my weight loss journey started off horribly, but I have no doubt that lunch will come and I will make a better choice. 

On another note...who is watching Dancing With The Stars??? I have never really been a fan, but I am loving this season. Last night was where they had to choose a song that meant something to them and everyone did so awesome! I was crying, I was blushing, I was screaming and I was giggling!! This is how I roll when it comes on....

At one point I got up to use the bathroom and Justin said "Why don't you put your high heels away". I think I embarrass him. 

I love Kirsti Alley and I love that she openly flirts with Tony. Last night when they messed up, she held her composure and did an excellent job. 

Ralph is a great dancer Also, he looks like he is still 20 years old. I must find out his secret. I couldn't believe that he and his wife have been together 25 years. Did they get married at 15??

Wendy Williams is a mighty mighty brick house. I love her personality, but it isn't coming out in her dancing. She is trying hard though. I think she will be voted off tonight. 

Oh Hines Ward how I love thee.....a bald head gets me every time. He could do no wrong in my book, and as of last week I became a Stealer's fan....and a football fan. He is a great dancer, and is so humble about his upbringing. 

Chris Jericho is doing well, but he isn't my favorite. He constantly reminds of someone and I can't figure out who. I do love Cheryl though. 

Petra is the sweetest soul I have ever seen on television. She is so genuine, and this week her dance was beautiful. I am also insanely jealous of her long legs. 

Kendra is by far my favorite reality TV star, but she is not my favorite dancer. I know she has moves she just isn't using.

All night long I was saying "float like a butter fly, sting like a bee" and Justin told me I had the wrong guy. Whatever, he did well last night, but I didn't like the intro and I was surprised the judges did. 

OOOOO, I love me some Chelsea, and I loved her song last night too (for obvious reasons!). She is an awesome dancer and her haircut makes me want to run out to the salon. I hope she goes all the way this season.

Romeo is a good dancer, and Chelsie is Justin's crush on the show. I think they did well last night however, I hated how he kept blowing kisses to the sky and pointing. I got it, he was dancing for his cousins he didn't have to make a drama of it. 

I can't wait for the results show tonight. The best thing about living in this time zone, is that everything comes on an hour earlier than it does when we were on east coast time!! Sometime around 8pm you'll find me rocking out to Selena Gomez in my sparkly pumps!! 


  1. Hey Chelsea!
    We tried the basil pesto mix tonight and it was incredible!!! Had it on fresh tortellinis and added shaved mozz cheese on top, it tasted just as good if not better than the fresh I buy at at the market!
    Also, fyi, you make it sound like you are some kind of rolypoly, geesh.

  2. oh my goodness, it sounds like you have been through a lot recently. I'm glad that things are getting back on track for you guys and that you're setting some healthy goals.

    Best wishes! :)

    Jenny @ http://fitnesshealthandfood.com/

  3. I totally agree with your DWTS assessments. Doesn't Kendra make every ballroom dance seem dirty somehow? :)


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