Saturday, April 2, 2011

Want to Falafel my Waffle??

Tonight's dinner was right in line with fantastic. It was foodgasmic and all put together, and of course it was brought to you by Wildtree. I used the Wildtree's Own Falafel Mix, Tzatziki Seasoning Blend,and the Creamy Ranch Dressing and Dip Mix to make a fabulous salad. 

The Falafel mix was so easy and delicious! The ingredients were very simple and all you add is water. Then it sits for 20 minutes .

While the falafel dough was resting before its dip in the oil, I prepared the tzatziki sauce which included Greek yogurt (protein baby!!), shredded cucumber and the Wildtree tzatziki blend. 

Apparently we don't have a grater so the cukes weren't shredded, but I actually liked it way better this way. 

Then I used half a container of ground turkey (which I scored big time while extreme couponing this week).

I mixed the turkey with a Creamy Ranch Dressing and Dip and a tad bit of water. 

I tossed together greens, onions, tomatoes and blue cheese (another extreme couponing deal....fifty cents people!!).

Then I fried up the falafels in the Wildtree Natural Butter Flavor Grapeseed Oil.....I would have preferred the Garlic Flavored Grapeseed Oil, but sadly I am all out!

While browning those puppies I tried a new (to me) beer. 

Then all together: I topped the salad with the ground turkey with the sauce, hummus and falafels on the side. Honestly, everything was so freakin-deakin good I cant tell you which part was my favorite, they all were! 

The greatest part of week was coming home to see that Ridley had eaten an entire box of raisin bran....I didn't think he was going to make it through the night since raisins kill dogs. Instead, Ridley was attacked by too-much-fiber syndrome and has had to go number 2 like fifty times! 

Also, lately my days go alot like this: Get up, breakfast, coffee, pick up after Justin's breakfast mess, watch the today show with Ridley, say good bye to Justin, pick up Justin's mess in the bathroom, bedroom and spare bedroom, and turn out the lights he left on, take Ridley out, let Ridley follow me around the house, try to go to the bathroom without Ridley, take Justin his lunch he forgot, take Ridley for a hike, start dinner, Justin comes home, pick up after Justin, eat, clean........its a whole lot of cleaning and taking care of Ridley. I'm not complaining, but I need something else to do with my time! Either I need to have a baby or get a job....I'm going with the job. So next week I will be setting work hours for myself with Wildtree and Ridley will have to be more dependent on his toys. I have some great ideas that are going to take a lot of effort, but hopefully I will see the fruits of my labor by June. I also applied to the gym...I'm hoping something comes out of that. 

Justin is off tomorrow and Monday, no big plans for our weekend. I had really wanted to go to Yellowstone and ride, however Old Man Winter attacked our area AGAIN. So hopefully we will get there by July when spring decides to show up. 

Also, did anyone else watch the Grey's Anatomy musical. I couldn't help but the laugh through the entire thing. I felt bad and I don't how they filmed it without laughing (and snorting....oh wait, thats just me). 

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