Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wildtree's May Promotions

Good Afternoon! As a brief warning this post is mildly commercially! However, if you are interested in Wildtree's Products which are FREE of preservatives, additives, HFCS, MSG and food dyes, and are also easy to prepare yet inexpensive in nature....please read the following! I take alot of pride putting my name with Wildtree's, the product is fabulous tasting, easy to make and takes the stress out of healthy food preparation. 

I wanted to take a moment to share Wildtree's May Promotions with you. If you are interested in Wildtree, but haven't taken the leap to order anything yet, maybe you should consider having a party! If you don't live in Montana where I can easily get too, it is not a problem what so ever. You can have a Virtual Party! Virtual parties are easy and stress free. I will send you samples you can either prepare for yourself or friends, you will have your very own direct link to your party where people can order from with ease. I will also send you some catalogs and other important information. 

The best part is......if your party sales are over $200 (which they will be) you will receive 20% of your party sales in FREE product! Most parties I do are over $400, so that would $80 0f FREE product! 

Our current May promotion is as followed....if you host a $400 tasting party in addition to 20% of your party's sales you will also receive the Wildtree Grilling Bundle. Just in time for grilling season, the bundle includes Leslie's Smoky Burger & Rib Sauce, Moroccan Grilling Sauce, and the NEW Cactus Pete's Agave BBQ Sauce! Finger licking good! 

Now if your party reaches $500 you will also receive the Rodeo Rub! 

If you aren't interested in hosting a party, but would still like a deal we have a promo for you! If you spend $50 or more you can choose from a number items (listed below) to recieve at 50% off! You can stock up on the ever so lovely 64 ounce Roasted Garlic Grapeseed Oil or even try all the new Spring Products for only $24. 25!! What a deal! However, if you spend $100, you can get two items at %50 off. 

As a reminder our New Spring 2011 Products are:

Today in Montana we are a balmy 50 degrees (don't be jealous now), so I will be heading out for a run before lunch followed by a quick weight workout with these girls! I love them! Also, be sure to check out my cousin's blog on baking, life, weight, and military husbands who eat more food than whales. 

And um, PSSS: I will be hosting a giveaway soon on another blog, so stay tuned for the Deets! 

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