Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday after Ridley and I went around taking pictures of the ranch land here in Bozeman, I was showing Justin the pictures and remembered a place he thought I'd love to go shoot. This old abandoned mill building has a mountain bike trail that runs right along side it, and Justin rode by it sometime last week. Well, as soon as he told me I said "let's go"....even though I was right in the middle of an NCIS I had never seen before...which is like unheard of. 

Right as we arrived our beautiful sunny weather was pushed away by crazy wind and stormy skies. I think it made for lovely pictures. 

Bozeman really doesn't have much crime, but Justin found out that this is THE PLACE for bad stuff to go down. I was really nervous, especially when Justin entered the building. 

Of course, with my crazy imagination I conjured up this story about him finding drugs and drug money. Than I wondered what would I do if I ever found drug money....like would I keep it or leave it or call the police. I think the people who know me well would know I would call the police. Back when we lived in Williamsburg, VA I had the non-emergency police number on speed dial. I called them at least once a week when I spotted something suspicious. I like my neighborhoods clean. 

I really love how graffiti can be so artistic. It is vandalism, but at least people are expressing their creativity. 

Justin said that this old mill reminded him of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I wouldn't know since I don't watch scary movies, but it sure doesn't look like Texas to me. 

Justin was like "lets go to the office"......and I thought.....No!! Thats where the drug money is. 

It's so sad when buildings get run down and taken over by hoodlums. However, they do make for great photos! 

These pictures aren't in B&W, I was in hurry to rush back to the car when I snapped these and didn't change my ISO or white balance and this is what came out. I really like them. 


Today I am really busy with Wildtree stuff, I have a run planned as well as some yoga planssssss! I have mail to get out and a bank to rob....I mean make a deposit at. Hope everyone's Tuesday is awesome! 

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