Monday, April 4, 2011

Sooooo Not Your Everyday Pound Cake......

This morning Justin slept till 10 am...this is huge people, it meant that I had to take Ridley out for his morning number 2 that takes like 30 minutes in the freezing cold. After several frustrating walks back and forth I was finally able to enjoy my breakfast in the warmth of my home. Then I spent several hours working on Wildtree stuff. Around 11:20 Justin and I decided to go for a hike. We chose a new-to- us trail called Leverich Canyon. It was Justin's (terrible) idea from the beginning. First of all the road getting in there is hardly even meant for 4-wheel drive vehicles. I was car sick before the hike even started. Also, we were bear spray. Leverich is basically left behind during the winter (probably has something to do with the road getting there). I was nervous........especailly when I saw this sign.....

I know, I know your all thinking I am a big fat baby, but I don't want to be those naive people who think an animal attack will never happen to them. I want to be prepared. I felt lost since I couldn't find my pocket knife prior to the hike, so I picked up large rocks and put them in my pocket to use in the case of an emergency. 

Since it is winter time and the treacherous road to get here is completely inconceivable (name that movie), the trails are not really maintained like Bozeman Creek.  The trails are also a bit off camber and with one wrong move you would go sliding down. 

Also, I am so glad we didn't miss this sign at the fork in the trail, it was full of vital information and we would probably still be lost on the trail without.....

Here is what the sign meant to say......

At some point I got irritated with my husband, don't ask me how....but it probably had to do with the car sickness. The thing about being mad at your husband on a hike is that you end up alone in our think about all the little noises you hear. Do to the steepness of the trail and the ice it was imperative to watch your feet, this left me no time to stare into the woods looking for animals that weren't even there.

Luckily, Ridley came along. I trust that he would sense something dangerous....he always senses our loud neighbors. 

We were walking along, me lagging behind looking like the sick and injured one in our pack, which made me very vulnerable to an attack. We saw wildlife! 

um, no sillys!! Not that kind of wild life.....

We saw Elk....well Justin saw elk I was to busy looking for mountain lions! 

We were maybe 100 feet away from them, and they just stared us down. 

Once we got to the top I was starving.....just kidding. Once we got to the top we had a beautiful view of the Gallatin Valley. 

And views of petrified tree. 

The mountains are so awesome to see everyday. Sometimes I walk outside and see them, and I forgot they were even there! 

At this rate I am hoping the snow might melt by the 4th of July. Our trip back down the mountain took less time but was hard on the knees and ankles since it was slippery and off camber. Even poor Ridley slid down the side of the mountain a few times. I fell twice...sometimes I am such a, thats all the time. 

Now, I would like to share a delicious dessert I made!! Its a pound ('s to your butt) cake. It was very easy to make (and devour in one sitting). 

Besides needing the Wildtree Not Your Everyday Pound Cake, it called for a pound of butter (I used vegan butter) and 3 large eggs and water. I also topped with raw sugar before baking it.  

While it baked I cut up some huge delicious strawberries!! They were also on a supa-dupa sale only $1 for the basket. 

Look at the size of these puppies!!

I also topped it with Almond Butter....Trader Joe's Almond Butter that is!! 

It was a fantastic and easy dessert! Unfortunately there is none left, because it has moved to my thighs. I hope every one's Monday was awesome...our Monday's are Sunday's....wait who am I kidding everyday is Saturday to me! 

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