Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pizza Night

Good evening all!! 

Justin and I were going to take part in a bicycle road race with the Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club tonight, 
but the flurries threatening the skies cancelled it! Still in need of a workout Justin hopped on the trainer...and since I was already on the couch I just kept on sitting! 

It was probably a good thing though, since my right knee has been bugging me from our hard bike ride yesterday. It's just a little tendinitis that I have gotten before so nothing to worry about......I'll use athletic tape on it for tomorrows ride or run!  

Tuesdays always make great pizza night for us, since it's really our Monday. For dinner this evening I ate a nice fresh salad....that wasn't even worth photographing since I ate it out of the bag, but Justin ate a tasty looking pizza using the left over dough from last night's hamburger buns. We are trying to clear out our fridge a bit before we start switching our diets/lifestyle over to eating more Real/Homemade foods. 

I cut freshly made mozzarella (which I am going to try to make soon!), and sliced tomatoes, fresh basil and parmesean cheese. Once out of the oven I added some extra greens. Justin isn't very good about eating extra veggies...so I try to squeeze them in when I can. 

I also drizzled it with Wildtree's Garlic Grapeseed Oil...... no meal in our home is complete without Garlic Grapeseed Oil! 

Recently I have be trying to talk Justin into adopting a cat. After seeing my cousins cat being cute it really made me miss the cats I had at home before I was married. I actually left my parents with a ton of cats when I married Justin! When we moved from Southern California to Virginia when I was 15 one of my cats was my carry on! I also think Ridley needs a pal. So I have been browsing through the adoptable cats at the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter. I know it may not be the best time...but I can still look....and want :)

I am going to head down there tomorrow just to peak around. 

Can't wait to see who gets voted off tonight on DWTS....I think it will be Chris Jericho, which I wont be happy about but someone needs to go home. 

Sidenote........just a few more days till the Royal Wedding!!! 


  1. My cat is cute but he also tries to kill himself regularly (We just went through another episode). If you do end up with a cat at some point go female.

  2. Chelsea... your blog is great.... and you are so brave to move to Montana! We are moving to Colorado and I'm freaking out! We will be by Courtney so that will be great.... a friend of mines sister move to Bozeman from here a year ago and said it was the best thing she ever did.. she LOVES it there! Here's hoping for some sunshine for you soon! p.s. your burgers were mouth watering! Cathy G.~


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