Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Good Evening! I hope everyones Easter Sunday was fabulous. Although this is our first holiday away from our family and all alone I didn't let myself be down. Yes, our dinner wasn't the best, and there were no Easter baskets or egg hunts, but we enjoyed our day. 

 It was the warmest day we have had since we've been in Montana. It was bright and sunny and nearly 60 degrees. From the moment we woke up I knew it was going to be a beautiful day! I opened all the windows in the house and let the birds chirping infiltrate our home. 

Since it was such a beautiful day Justin and I headed out on our road bikes. We road 10 miles together than split ways. I continued on for another 30 miles. After 40 miles of mountains and wind I was purtty tired. Unfortunately, my computer didn't work the entire time so I had to MapMyRun my ride! I hate when my computer doesn't's like heading out for a run and your Garmin isn't working (which mine currently isn't). 

BOOOOOO! Computer not working!

During my ride, someone near by lite off a rocket, and had I not had just stopped to use the restroom there would have been an issue. I really thought I was under attack. 

It was warm enough for shorts......and a tan! Both Justin and I returned home with bike short tans! However, Justin also wore athletic tan on one of his knees, so his tan is a little off. 

I ran out of water an hour and half into my ride. Ever since we have arrived in Montana I constantly feel dehydrated. I fill up my water bottle at least 25 times day, yet I never feel fully hydrated. I have however figured out that since I work from home now, we save a ton of money on gas, but spend it all on toilet paper. My hydration habit might be the reason. 

There was a certain someone who was very excited when I finally returned home......

Clearly his excitement couldn't be contained! 

Last night, (lets make that totally clear...this was last nights meal, we ate like paupers tonight) I whipped up a super quick meal that was absolutely delicious! 

I sauteed some turkey sausage with mixed veggies and placed that on brown rice. I used Wildtree's Cajun Seasoning, Garlic Grapeseed Oil and a tad bit of the Chili Mix. It was such a quick and easy meal yet so good! 

On another note, yesterday I spent the afternoon watching William and Kate on Lifetime (I don't always spend my Saturday afternoons watching Lifetime). I wasn't really into the whole Royal Wedding thing, until I watched the movie.....and now I am mildly obsessed. 

Once again I am embarrassing Justin by speaking only in an English accent and demanding tea in the afternoon. I haven't fully decided weather I will be waking up at 2 am to watch the wedding or just not even go to bed. 

Tomorrow I have some exciting changes that will happening here in the Raynes household that I would like to share! 

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  1. Too funny about your English accent!
    What a long bike ride--I'm not a biker so to me that seems like a million miles!


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