Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy Weekend

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I haven't blogged since Thursday!! Well it was an insane weekend. On Friday I had volunteered to help set up at the Women's Expo so I could have a booth for $75. I had to be there around 9 am and I worked until 11 when I had a hair appointment. After my hair I had to rush home and let out the Rid-ster. I also had to gather my things for my booth. I got back to Expo around 1:45 and worked until 5 when I was finally able to set up my booth. Booth Justin and I got home around 6:30 and I got to work finishing things up for Saturday.

On Saturday, I had to be at the Expo to help out at 8 am. The Expo started at 10, so at 9:45 I was just able to do some final touches on my booth. Unfortunately, the health inspector wouldn't let me use all the beer bread I made, because I had cut it at home....but I didn't let it get to me. I worked my booth from 10 to 5, with one break to use the bathroom.

My neighbor during the Expo was a tarot card reader. She did stay pretty busy, but I'm not really about tarot card readers (not knocking you if you are). She kept trying to get me to do a reading, I told her I wasn't interested in my future at the moment. Near the end she asked me if I could take her stuff to her if I didn't have a million other things to do......and I told her if she drove her car into the building (which everyone else was doing). She then proceeded to tell me I negative energy coming off of me....I wanted to tell her she should take that as her answer then. I did spend my entire day eaves dropping her booth though. It's amazing how much people think their lives really suck. At point I heard her tell a lady she should at least be looking for a part time

After the Expo was over I quickly packed up my booth and helped with breaking down everything. I got home sometime after 7, and then was a LOOOOONG day.

Here are some pictures of my booth......

All in all the Expo went really well. I made a few sales and got a few parties. The biggest thing was all the connections I made. So many people were interested! If I had had tons of product I would of made a killing. People wanted what I was sampling, but they didn't want to place an order. 

On Sunday, I wanted nothing more than to never from the couch again. Our day started that way, but quickly moved to a near by trail for a hike and then Justin, Ridley and I went exploring to some near by towns. It was a very enjoyable day, and I will share a few pictures later this week.

This morning Justin and I slept till 8:45!! That's is so late for us. Once we were up we headed out for a 5 mile run (in honor of Marathon Monday I had wanted to shoot for 26.2 miles, but I didn't want to hurt Justin). I've also been really enjoying the Tone It Up workouts.  I might be a little behind on these girls, but I really love their printable workouts. I hate them for being so fit and gorgeous though......

I would love to try their meal plan/diet, but it's a little out of my price range unfortunately.....I do however think it is similar to Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet. Eating clean is not my problem, it is the amount of food I consume. I just really need to watch my portion sizes...I'm not a training athlete anymore....obviously.

I really recommend their workouts, especially if you have zero equipment or even just a pair of hand weights. I feel like they are quick yet efficient. 

Also, another cousin Brittany has started a blog I think you should check out... it's called Honey Bunches and it chronicles her healthy and yummy adventures in the kitchen. Today she posted some cotton candy cupcakes....and she sent me ZERO!!

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