Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Montana Rocks!

So yesterday when I said I had a planned run, I lied. The weather was so beautiful yesterday I decided to break out my mountain bike and hit up some local trails. I can't even describe how lucky I am to have these trails. They are so awesome! I even rode the trails over by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Building. They weren't necessarily mountain bike trails, but they were still nice. 

It was even warm enough for me to wear shorts. Don't be blinded by my white legs.  

Also, don't be blinded by my freckles.....your also lucky I didn't smile to blind you by my fake tooth.  

When riding here in Bozeman your either climbing a hill or riding into the wind.

At one point I was cruising down a hill, just enjoying the view, when this lady on a road bike came pedaling past me. I hate being passed, so my competitive edge kicked into to over drive. Road bikes have bigger gears so you can push harder down a hill and  had I been on my road bike I would of put her in her place, but I had to wait till the up hill. So when we started climbing I came up on her pretty quickly. A car was passing us so I didn't want to go around her. She yelled at me "Are you going to pass me already". I couldn't believe it! That was so unlike the cycling community. So I mumbled to her, and she probably didn't understand me since I don't speak  Montana accent, and I passed her. She ate my dust! 

After all that I continued to cruise around looking for trails. The trails here are all around town. I was really enjoying the view, and I thought I would share just to make you jealous! 

This is the view from one of the hills right in town. It is so lovely! I ended up getting 22 miles in, thats pretty good for a mountain bike day! I also didn't feel the altitude today which is a good sign. 

I have some great news to share! I will be presenting Wildtree to Bozeman this weekend at the Women's Expo at MSU. I offered myself as a volunteer for setting up on Friday and taking down on Saturday night just for dropping some flyers in the bags they are handing out, but they also had a few booths available so for $75 I got a booth! They normally go for $375 so it's awesome! I don't have very much product, but I will make do! My goal is to book 15 parties and possibly a new rep! I will also be taking orders. It's going to be a crazy week! I have lots to do! 

Well I hope everyone has a great Humpday! I will be busy all day preparing for the Expo and getting a run in......

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  1. What beautiful scenery for a bike ride! Have fun at the expo this weekend :)


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