Friday, April 8, 2011

Nags Head

 This morning when we woke up and peaked outside we realized it had snowed ALL NIGHT! That's the thing about living in state so close to the North Pole, winter never seems to want to lose its grip on weather and let spring take over. I spent thirty minutes outside trying to get Ridley to use the bathroom, and cleaning off the car so I could drive Justin into work. Afterwards I was finally able to enjoy my breakfast. Last night I had prepared Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats after being inspired to bring them back into my life after seeing this post. Since the oats were already made all I had to do was make banana soft serve to top it with. Even though it's so cold outside it was still a great breakfast!

I topped it with a dollop of Trader Joe's Almond Butter....even though there isn't a Trader Joe's for hundreds and hundreds of miles, I still have people who love me enough to send it to me! Trader Joe's Almond Butter is like crack to me. 

I have tons of work to get done today, as well as a workout to get in. I missed the gym yesterday partly do to the fact that my face looks a mess between scabs on my nose and a GIANT broken blood vessel in my eye, but also because I didn't get done with working on Wildtree stuff until 4 o'clock yesterday. 

Now, about this time last year my Mom, my sister Maile and I headed down to Nags Head, North Carolina for a long weekend. We had such a nice time, the weather was not to hot but not to cold and the company was the best. We all piled into my mom's little truck where I sat in the jump seat for the 2 hour drive (this was when we lived in Virginia). We love the beach since we are originally from Southern California. For those who don't live within a few state radius from North Carolina, you probably aren't familiar with Nags Head. It is just below the Virginia state line. 

Since I am holed up in snowy Montana I wanted to share some of the pictures I took over a year ago. At this point I should warn my mom and Maile that are NO pictures of you in this post, so don't worry. 

This is the light house at Whalehead lighthouse all the way pass Duck and Pass Corolla. It was a long drive from where we were staying at the time, but the bagel place in Corolla is an all time favorite! It's called Lighthouse Bagels, and if you ever find yourself in Corolla make sure you get a French Toast Bagel. Wen Justin and I are in Nags Head, we always make it our morning ritual to ride our bikes down to the bagel place, eat breakfast, and ride back....later on in the day, you could always find us bloated on the beach. 

I found this great tiny sand dollar as well as a purple star fish, and put them in my shell collection on the dresser, until one day Ridely jumped up there and ate them.....both! 

A side 2009 we vacationed in Duck for a week with Justin's family, and Justin rode his bicycle all the way from Williamsburg, VA to right before the bridge that goes into Nags Head. It was 140 miles in the saddle for him. 

We had never had a trip where it was just the 3 of us before and I really enjoyed it. Now Maile lives back in Southern California with her new husband, and my mom is way back in Virginia and me.....I'm here all alone in Montana. One day I will share the story of the first time we ever took Ridley to Nags Head for the week. It's a very long and hilarious story! 

I hope your Friday is Fantastic! I'll be dreaming of the beach all day! 

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