Friday, March 11, 2011

The New Digs

I know some people (well, just my mother) has been interested in seeing pictures of our new home with all of our stuff in it. EVERYTHING is out of boxes and in its place, but not all of our rooms are complete. So today I have pictures of my closet...mainly so that people will think I am organized, my desk people will think I am super crafty and Justin's closet/my bikes closet (yes Justin is sharing a closet with my bicycles).

I am currently using a little bit of all 5 closets in our new apartment. However, the majority of my in-season clothing is in the second bedroom closet. I do have a small 3-drawer dresser thing-y in our bedroom closet as well, and my jackets are in Justin's closet. All my spring wear and summer wear will probably never be used again...wait j/k it will get warm is all under our bed in plastic boxes.

WARNING: A small bit of bras and panties are noticeable in these shots.....if you had a big lunch or a weak stomach turn back now....NOW! By that I mainly mean my Dad.

Just like usual I separated everything my color then my sleeve type. I'm just a regular 'ol Martha (Stewart that is).

I used baskets to separate belts, scarves, panties and bras (sports bras and socks are in the other room).

Up above I am storing some of our luggage, you can clearly see an airport tag on one...this is because I am to short to push it up out of sight and way to lazy to get the step stool.

That dresser to the right has some work out wear, bike stuff and Justin's Tee Shirts. 

I love the hanging shelf thing I got (on sale) from Target, the top has khaki stuff and then the bottom 2 has jeans that fit me (yes, I still have clothes that fit my huge rear thank you very much!). Up above the hanging shelf thing, jeans that don't fit :(

Not that organized little matching hangars......

Also an area complete: My Crafting Corner!!

Here is my work area in all its glory.....see the all might Cricut?!?!? I love that thing so much that if it didn't make the move...I would of glue gunned my mouth shut!

There is also a clock to left...its permanently set at ten o'clock (maybe that would change with batteries) in my crafting corner its always time for either coffee or bed...both are good to me! 

Yes I made that....whoa little Martha here again....mainly the Cricut made it 

Clearly, my organizing skills are mad!

Here are a few pictures of Justin's closet...

Lets just make this totally clear....Justin unpacked all of these items as well as placed them there. That is all.

Also...a small sneak peak at our living room....

Well, today I have a 3 mile fun run and a wonderful hike with Ridley on The M Trail again! I also have that job interview at one! Wish me luck :) Maybe just maybe I will be back later with more house pictures...or not maybe just pictures of more mountains!


1. How do you like to decorate your home?
I love shabby chic, but I am waiting to own a home for all that jazz.

2. Do you organize thing by color?
Well, I'm not for segregation or anything of that nature, but I do like my clothes organized by color.

3. Do you like to hike?
Um, YES!!

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