Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bozeman Creek Trail

Today was the first day Justin had off from his new job since he started. We decided to make the most of we also had a 50 degree day, which really felt like 65.

The day started off like any other here in the Raynes house, with breakfast! Since we lost an hour during the night we ended up sleeping till nine. After we ate we headed out on our mountain bikes to look for trails. We ended up doing 2 hours in the saddle, and found two trail systems in well as lotsa lotsa hills to climb. One of the trails we found was the Bozeman Creek Trail, and we decided to head home and get Ridley to hike it.

The trail is on the outskirts of town, but not to far from our home. Its nowhere near as steep as the M Trail, but its an out and back trail that is 7 miles long and ends at Mystic Lake. The trail is like an old logging road that is kept cleaned and groomed by the Nordic skiers in town. Today we only made it a bit past the mile 2 post, which means we hiked about 5 miles. Ridley was in heaven, the creek was thawed out enough for him to wade in it, and there were a TON of other dogs on the trail. 

Spring is springing here in a matter a fact both Justin and I have crazy sunburns. 

This trail was absolutely beautiful, we really enjoyed every minute of the walk...except for the last mile which really, really, really dragged on for me.

Ridley loved being able to be in the water, we really encouraged him to dip his toes in it......until

....we saw this sign! Oh well...ooopps!

Justin would throw him snowballs into the creek, and he would bring up these big rocks back to us...he is so crazy!

The scenery was so different from the M Trail, there were tons of trees and big boulders.

The creek runs along the side of the trail. I imagine that its a lot wider during the summer, but what do I know?

Some areas were in direct sunlight and most of the snow was melted, but there were areas of the trail that must never be hit by the sun...ever! Some areas the snow drifts were so deep that Ridley kept falling into them. On that know the word crevice? Well here they call pronounce it creeee-vass...therefore, Ridley fell in a creeee-vass many times. 

Shortly after we saw this sign...Justin asked if I wanted to turn back, and I was like heck-to-the yeah! Both Justin and I were huffing and puffing at one point, i don't think I will ever adjust to the altitude! 

Here is Justin thigh high in snow....caaaarazy! Also, obviously we don't give our son enough water, he looks parched. 

Ridley had to hide my chubby body so I would actually take a picture. 

As soon as we got back to the car I broke into our stash of Lemon Drops...I am totally obsessed with them. Sometimes at night I sneak out to the car and eat them under the Montana moon. 

I guess there is one good thing about them...if you look closely they state they are Fat Free.

All together the day was awesomeness. Our dinner consisted of homemade calzones...they really filled my major calorie deficit today. Now we are watching Easy A....and we might watch Jackass 3D again too. 

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