Monday, March 14, 2011

Neighborly Love

To say we had an eventful nights sleep would be a major understatement. I do believe that I have mentioned before that in the apartment above us lives elephants who have dancing bowling parties at all times of the day (this actually just happens to be a very energetic 5 year old and a Jack Russell...maybe all of 50 combined pounds), well at 2 am last, lets just say right above our bedroom were some people....rockin' the bed....literally that bed was squeaking for relief! Well lets start from the beginning....

First: it was a billion degrees in our apartment last night so we could hardly sleep as it was. I am a furnace at night so unless its fifty degrees inside I can't sleep. So.... 

Second: We decided to open the window which made it really noisy and Ridley barked at EVERYTHING. 

Third: I got to thinking about when bears would be ending their hibernation around here, and how they would be very hungry when they woke up. I realized that I am not as crazy as Justin thinks I am for carrying my pocket knife with me everywhere. The time is coming...bears will be waking....I could become food. These thoughts really had my mind going crazy......I had just fallen asleep when......

.......The love makers started around two, followed by grunts, groans, toilets flushing and showers. I swear it felt like it lasted forever! During their range infused love making, I conjured up this grand idea that involved microphones, speakers and sub woofers. I thought it would be totally possible to record their gorilla love makin' noises and then strapping the speakers to the ceiling and playing it back to them real early in the morning...because obviously people who make time in their schedule at 2 am for love making would clearly still be asleep at 7 am. The only thing that stopped me from doing that was the lack of supplies. This morning that idea sounded way dumber than it did last night. 

Oh the comforts of apartment living.....

Needless to say Justin, Ridley and I were major sleepy heads this morning. I don't even think I could of made today without four cups of coffee (um, BIG cups of coffee). 

When I finally got myself together, and by that I mean I was still in my pj's, but had brushed my teeth, I decided I just wasn't going to make it out for my scheduled run. I know, i know...I'm such a quitter and a looser, but I'll blame it on the altitude again and listening to my body (which clearly was saying go back to bed). So instead I decided to do some yoga. 

At home in Williamsburg I had been practicing at least twice a week at the Body balance Studio in Colonial Williamsburg. Sadly though...its probably been almost three weeks since I've even been in downward dog! So I've decided to challenge myself to do yoga everyday for the next 4 weeks. The only rule is that I have to practice for at least 20 minutes to make it count. Since we are saving money right now on a gym membership it would also make sense not to pay money for yoga classes as well. Today I turned to On Demand on our cable, and did a thirty yoga "class" with Jillian Michaels...not exactly yoga-yoga but it did its job! I also have the P90X yoga (which is 90 minutes long), and I also will be paying a little bit to tune into Yoga Vibes, but compared to yoga studio isn't that bad. 

After yoga with Jillian I took this destructive guy for a walk....

....and our nice sunny warm morning turned to cold, windy and snowy. Not complaining though since I felt lazy anyways. I also pounded the pavement today and applied for several jobs! 

Also...once again I would like to brag about Bozeman. These shots are literally from my living room window. Isn't it lovely?

Tonight we will be dining on calzones again...but what can I say they were so good last night I wanted them again today. We have been using the Wildtree Pizza Dough. We were able to get 4 calzones out of one $6 box....not to shabby. 

Hopefully tomorrow I will have the house pictures ready, and something useful to actually read about. 

Question: Have you ever had noisy neighbors? 


  1. Your neighbors sound just like mine. I swear the little boy who lives upstairs sounds like a whole herd of elephants!!! It drives me nuts on the very few days that I get to sleep in.

  2. Should have gone with a top floor apartment. Then you don't hear your neighbors but then you have to drag everything up there.


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