Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living Room Pictures

Well folks, today has been much more productive than yesterday. I got up and took Justin into work (one of the many pleasures of being a one car family....spending a few extra minutes in the car with your hubby while he backseat drives his way to work). Then I hopped on the trainer for a quick workout.

I mixed it up on itunes so I went with whatever music came on...so this is how it went

I Love College By:Asher Roth (4:01) Warm Up
Boom Boom Pow By: Black Eyed Peas (4:12) Warm up with tempo
Womanizer By: Brittney Spears (3:44) Climb
If You Seek Amy By: Brittney Spears (3:37) Sprint on hill
Circus By: Brittney Spears (3:12) Sprint on flat
All American Girl By: Carrie Underwood (3:32) Sprint on a hill
Gangsta's Paradise By: Coolio (4:01) Climb
Right Round By: R.O.O.T.S (3:23) Sprint on flat
Sugar By: Flo Rida (4:13) Easy
Voo Doo By: Godsmack (4:40) Steady steep hill
Johnny and June By: Heidi Newfeild (3:37) Steady steep hill
I'm Yours By: Jason Maraz (4:01) Cool Down

It ended up being a little over 45 minutes, and it was a great workout I was super schweaty. 

So then to cool of (in the super amazing 60 degree weather today) Ridley and I went back to the Bozeman Creek Trail and hiked 2 miles...all by ourselves....no Justin to keep us safe. Somehow though I forgot my pocket knife, and my crazy imagination was going wild.....

Speaking of Ridley, everyone has been wondering how he has adjusted to the move...instead of telling you I will show you....

He is comfortable and totally loving life.

Here are some pictures of the living room...its cozy, not complete but cozy.

Obviously, I have nothing else to do with time right now...somehow I managed to get five photos of 50 square feet. I also found this awesome print on Etsy that I ordered, and should be here sometime next week. I really love this artists work, and when I get job there's another print I want to order as well for my bedroom. 

I think tonight I will be making Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Cupcakes since Justin is working late (and the thought of smashing sugary cupcakes in my face really excites me), I also have my 20 minutes of yoga...of course that would be after Ellen is over. Also, tomorrow I have a book review from another book I picked up from the library (of course it came out of the Montana Room). 

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  1. I saw your comment on the skinnyrunner blog about Bridger Bowl and got excited to see another person from Bozeman on there! Welcome to the city, I moved here almost a year ago and love it! Let me know if you ever want trail recommendations :)


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